PWM after reboot active -> blown fuse

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PWM after reboot active -> blown fuse

Postby Lorin338 » 11 Jun 2017, 16:05

Hi together,
my name is Christian and I'm new here in the forum. I was reading here a lot, but now I have a problem with my VESC where I couldn't find a solution.
Perhaps someone here can help me...

I startet my VESC in BLDC-mode. Then I changed to FOC-mode and wrote the parameter set. Everything worked fine. (PWM, Current Control and Speed Control (after changing the Speed Controller Parameters)) Now I switched off the VESC and after a while I switched it on again. The motor did a strong zonk and fractions of a second later my fuse was blown. Now I tried the same with open otput and measured the output voltage.
I attached some pics from my tests. One is a reboot in BLDC-mode (bldc.png), one is a write config screenshot from changing the BLDC-mode to FOC-mode (FOC_write) and one is a reboot (power cycle) in FOC-mode.
I measured a signal on each phase with 25V peak (Channel 2 and 3 are covered, so you can not see the amplitude in the screen shots). After a Write configuration operation the signal is just for about 400ms available, after a powercycle in FOC-mode it is permanent.

Did anyone have seen some similar issues and/or can give some hints how to solv the problem?

FOC_write.jpg (74.46 KiB) Viewed 796 times
FOC_power_cycle.jpg (66.51 KiB) Viewed 796 times
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