Synchronous rectification(SR) impementation with FOC

Discussions regarding the Field Oriented Control (FOC) implementation on the VESC.
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Synchronous rectification(SR) impementation with FOC

Postby srinath » 17 Jan 2017, 08:28


There seems to be a couple of ways to do SR, but i think only some will save energy..

Let's take the case of a regular 6 step commutation (non FOC) esc
First some terminology
Consider 6 mosfets (A-A1, B-B1, C-C1)
Same for B and C
If rotor is in 1'st electrical sector, A-C1 are 'active'
But how will they be 'activated' ?
We can give 1 on low side (C1) and pwm on high side A-- option-1
Or we can give same pwm on A and C1--option 2

What is sync rectification ?
I define SR as giving complimentary signal on low side to any PWM given on high side with some "dead time" to prevent short.

I think only option-2 combined with SR can store energy in a capacitor in parallel with the battery.

How would we implement SR when all 3 faces are excited as in FOC ?

Your comments will help me understand this fascinating topic a lot better

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