Debug regenerative braking....

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Debug regenerative braking....

Postby rew » 15 Sep 2016, 14:40

A friend has my VESC on his bike now. His motor can handle about 2kW, so for braking I had configured 35A max motor current.

When we did that we got:

Code: Select all

Current          : 99.2
Current filtered : 80.7
Voltage          : 50.84
Duty             : 0.36
RPM              : 5622.5
Tacho            : 8642
Cycles running   : 71192
TIM duty         : 2989
TIM val samp     : 5
TIM current samp : 8398
TIM top          : 8400
Comm step        : 0
Temperature      : 27.91
when he braked at high speed. We first thought that the VESC was seeing over-volt because of regenerating and voltage drops over the wires, but no: the error was "abs over current".

As you can see the abs_over_current was set to trigger at 80A.

So.... Would it be considered normal that braking at 35A motor current would cause an ABS OVER CURRENT error at 80A?
(things seem to work at 15A max braking current, currently testing at 22A).

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