Sensorless startup settings

Discussions regarding the Field Oriented Control (FOC) implementation on the VESC.
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Sensorless startup settings

Postby vutana » 12 Sep 2018, 07:47


I try to optimize the startup settings of my VESC. It controls a Traxxas Slash RC car for a robotics project. The motor is a Velineon 3500 sensorless. It runs in FOC mode.

Sometimes, when I want to start the engine at low duty cycle, for instance 0.07, the car doesn't move for several seconds, until it manages to spinup the motor. After the car begins to move, everything runs smoothly.

In the FOC screen in BLDC_tool, there are three parameters that I try to tune:
  • Openloop RPM
  • D Current Injection
  • Factor
I tried:
  • to lower openloop RPM to 200,
  • to set D Current Injection to 0.07 (to get more current at my low 0.7 duty cycle?)
  • to set Factor to 1.00 (I don't understand what it is, but it seems that D Current injection doesn't change anything unless Factor is set to a non zero value)
Can someone confirm that this is a good approach and that it is not going to break something? Are there other parameters that I can tune to avoid that the car gets stuck for several seconds before moving?


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