Help wanted: VESC to power Honda hybrid motor on Ferrari V12

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Help wanted: VESC to power Honda hybrid motor on Ferrari V12

Postby Minotto » 29 Dec 2016, 20:59

Hi guys,

We're building the prototype of a sports car that is being powered by a 6 liter Ferrari V12 engine. Coupled to this is the electric motor of a Honda Civic hybrid - bolted to the crankshaft of the Ferrari and on the other side swinging the flywheel and clutch assembly. The Honda is being used as the starter, as a generator, to boost low rpm performance and eventually to motor the whole car around the parking lot.

Initially, we were using the Honda electronics that came with the motor, and we've tricked these to listen to an analog voltage that we could supply from the V12's programmable ECU. This worked, but left a lot to be desired. The fact that the motor was no longer running in the Honda environment made it throw seemingly random errors, and we didn't have enough control over currents. This in turn prevented us from using a Li-Ion battery, as the regen currents would fry those cells in short order.

The lack of consistent behaviour from the Honda electronics has prompted us to abandon these and look for other options.

I like the VESC that I've built into my electric skateboard, and was wondering if we could scale this up to power the Honda. Unfortunately, I'm not an EE and find the electronics of such a project to be way over my head. And so I've approached Benjamin. However, he's somewhat pressed for time (to put it mildly), and suggested I'd post my plea for help here.

And so: Is there anyone out here who'd be interested in assisting us in our project?

Some details:

Motor: Honda. 18 coils, brushless, sensored. 144 Volt. Advertised as 10 kW. The Honda battery pack was fused at 100A, so the numbers seem to add up.
The Ferrari V12 needs a hefty push to get going, but once it gets beyond its first compression, the required torque reduces drastically. The Honda motor has already spun our engine, so it does have the required torque in it.

Project is located in The Netherlands

Some photos are on or instagram @minottocars (

Any help we could get would be VERY welcome!



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Re: Help wanted: VESC to power Honda hybrid motor on Ferrari V12

Postby lizardmech » 30 Dec 2016, 04:23

It's pretty close to one of the ones I built. It has isolated components on the driver and current sense. 150V mosfets fit on only a few adjustments to resistors would be needed. It might need to be upgraded to 12 mosfets because the 150 fets have a higher resistance.

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