Pedelec/eBike, PAS and sensors

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Pedelec/eBike, PAS and sensors

Postby sam.vanratt » 27 Dec 2016, 19:20

Hello all
I've decided to buy a VESC controller (V4.12) in order to change my current Pedelec with a more advanced and reliable BLDC controller.
My current Hardware is:
-8S1P WINA 25V/20Ah battery
-GoldenMotor MagicPie3 Front (with standard rectangular pulse controller build in + field sensors) limited to 250W (=10A/24V)
-one 12pol PAS Sensor (std. three pin)
-two "Low-Active" Brakes
-one cruising mode (high active afair) button
-one 0-5V thumb control regulator

So far the combination is quite nice as the controller is in the Hub and "tidy", BUT the controller itself already failed three times (this is my fourth controller in nearly 4 years) with different K.O. criteria. When I replaced the last one this January I decided not to wait until this one fails again and do invest into something I'd handle. I've discovered the VESC about two years ago and am astonished what this project already accomplished!!!
OK so I bought a VESC (unluckily without the Micro-JST connectors, even the RC shops here could not get it, apart from 10-50pcs each).
Two things need to be fulfilled:
a) I need to get my two brakes, the PAS, the HALL sensors+Motor, all buttons as well connected
b) the software needs to be trimmed to my hardware (Recuperation, Amperage limit, max. RPM, Speedregulator, PAS settings)

+nice to have
c) try sinus commutation instead of square (makes the hub possibly more silent)

Have anyone used the VESC for such a case? Currently I've not even checked the VESC controller or software itself as I'm still trying to get the max. four JST cables at a reasonable price.


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Re: Pedelec/eBike, PAS and sensors

Postby sam.vanratt » 02 Jan 2017, 12:54

AddOn: How do you isolate it from external weather (dirt, water, moisture, snow, rain) and get the cables still in? Is there a usual boxing case?

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