VESC in homemade lathe/drill press

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Re: VESC in homemade lathe/drill press

Postby hackware » 17 Dec 2017, 15:20

thank you very much...

very informative...

tho strange...


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Re: VESC in homemade lathe/drill press

Postby arvidb » 17 Dec 2017, 16:33

hackware wrote:regarding a 2400W motor, 245Kv is used...

I my world of electronics, 245Kv would mean 245,000 volts...?!?

also, this forum refers to batteries by 12S, 3S, etc...

does that mean "cells", at 1.2V per cell...?!?

i've worked on electronics from radars to micro-hybrids, and have never come across such terms...


Specifying motors in "Kv" is really an abomination that has stuck in the RC (radio control) model world for some reason. It's a mixup of the symbol for the measurement (motor velocity constant KV) and its unit (rpm/V or rad⋅s⁻¹⋅V⁻¹). It's like saying "this motor is rated for 2700 P" instead of "... for 2700 W", P being the symbol for power.

I try never to talk about "245 KV motors", and rather say "245 rpm/V motors".

Kilovolt, BTW, is written kV (lowercase k, uppercase V). Uppercase K is temperature (kelvin). But I bet you know this already. :)

And I agree: using "cells" as a unit for voltage is quite strange, too. That's also a convention from the RC world. However this might actually be a meaningful convention since it implies a tolerance: something designed to work with four Li-ion cells must function from about 12 V to 16.8 V.

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