More detail during detection (UI/Firmware)

Are there any features that you would like to add to the VESC?
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More detail during detection (UI/Firmware)

Postby drenehtsral » 07 Jun 2017, 15:50

Hi Benjamin,
I may try my hand at adding this feature myself (or at least a crude one-off version of it to get an idea of what is going on with detecting my motor), but I have seen many forum posts on this and other fora where the gist of the post is:

"I run detection and the motor spins up and then slows down and runs slowly as described but then it says 'Bad detection result received'. What went wrong / how do I fix it?"

I had a similar problem getting it to detect parameters for sensorless operation of the 6000W 50kV (16 pole) 80mm outrunner (take the 6000W with a large grain of salt since this is from Alien Power Systems and they, I later discovered, do zero thermal characterization and have no hard data available for any of their motors. Don't get me wrong, it is a beefy and seemingly well built motor, but no documentation and they themselves don't know things like inductance, phase resistance, what temperature the windings' insulation is rated for, and so on) I am using and when googling for suggestions I got many but none fully resolved the issue.

Three questions then:

1) would running detection with an 8S (29.6v nominal) rather than the 4S (14.8v nominal) I had handy likely make a difference?

2) does it sound reasonable as a next step to find all the places in the firmware and/or GUI app that the detection result can be declared bad and instrument them such that I find out _why_ it didn't like the result despite having successfully spun the motor up and down and rotated it slowly?

3) is there a console mode (ncurses or command line) based equivalent for BLDC_Tool? I would love to have some on-board diagnostics and tweaking on my electric go-kart and I have a spare Raspberry Pi kicking around, but trying to get all the QT related dependencies met on Raspbian is turning into rather a nightmare. If there isn't one I may well write one using the existing interface classes but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. :-)

Thanks in advance for any insight you folks can offer.


PS: it fails detection in BLDC mode, but in FOC mode it can detect R and L but not the phase coupling parameter if that is any help.

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