2 channel RC mixing

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2 channel RC mixing

Postby enak » 04 Jan 2016, 19:44

It would be useful for robot control to have a connection between 2 controllers and mix the RC input. This way one channel can be used to drive both motors forward/ backwards and the second channel can be used to mix and steer the motors. Note it is useful to limit the output value to the larger of the two input values since at extremes (drive + steer) the value will exceed 100%.

The channel inputs can be either from both boards or one board using cPPM (This is where all the channels from the reciever are grouped on the one pin and transmitted in sequence, often used on drones). In addition this would allow 2 further options using another 2 channels. First a dead mans switch and second an invert switch so the outputs are reversed allowing invertible operation.

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