Are there any features that you would like to add to the VESC?
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Postby Sp1k3 » 23 Oct 2017, 08:23

Hi All,
I'm new here...
First of all I want to thank Benjamin for developing this software and especially developing the sensorless FOC which is brilliant! Never would have thought it would be possible...
A friend of mine and I built a boat with only very little cruising power (~250W 6s), and it is extremely noisy at the moment.
We would like to test it with your controller using FOC.
But first I have a couple questions:
-Where can we buy the hardware so that you get, deservingly, your share? We found it on hobbyking ( ... rsion.html).
-Does it have reverse function? (On the hobbyking page they say no reverse function, but when we watch your videos we see you able to drive the skateboard both directions. We really need that for a boat.
-We were considering to put ESC far away from the motor, thus keeping only the motor underwater in a water proof casing, and placing ESC on the Boat. This implies that the series inductance increases and the noise couples from one phase to another may interfere with the back EMF reading. Do you think that this does not pose a problem? We also thought that perhaps if we use sensors then we can make the ESC controller immune to this noise as long as we decouple them from the 3 phase lines. What is your opinion?

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Re: Reverse

Postby rew » 28 Oct 2017, 17:34

I always recommend that you put the controller closer to the battery when possible. The motor side is already expected to have some inductance (more = better (up to a point)) and resistance.

To reduce stray inductance and EMI, I always braid the three wires. This does for three phases what "twisted pair" does for ethernet signals.

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Re: Reverse

Postby linsus » 01 Nov 2017, 15:26

If you want the latest VESC then Trampa is the best bet. Its alot cheaper to solder one yourself tho but it requires alot more work.

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