Preserve settings during firmware upgrade

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Preserve settings during firmware upgrade

Postby wdaehn » 17 Mar 2016, 16:18

It is kind of boring to read-config-save xml - firmware upgrade - load xml - write configuration.

Especially when you forgot to save the latest settings first.
And if I am not mistaken, the App configuration data is not part of the XML, is it?

One solution would obviously be to automate that in the UI, when hitting the Firmware -> Upload button.

But it would make more sense, as there are different upload options for the firmware, to preserve a memory area for the settings and the firmware upload does not overwrite this area. Unless you do a full chip erase via the STMLink of course.

Needs the same kind of default logic handling as the UI then, so when a firmware reads the current parameters, it checks for the firmware version these parameters had been saved with and if it is a lower version, the firmware sets defaults to these new parameters. Hence the UI shows useful values and with the next Write Configuration the settings area is saved with the new version.

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