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by rew
27 Mar 2016, 08:55
Forum: Hardware Problems
Topic: DRV Fault GVDD
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Re: DRV Fault GVDD

As far as I know, the firmware is "enforcing" a specific average voltage on each of the motor leads by setting a PWM value for each of the motor leads. Now classical PWM is on/off, but in this case, we're switching between "drive low" and "drive high". So each PWM cycle...
by rew
27 Mar 2016, 08:11
Forum: FOC
Topic: VESC v4.10 and battery cable length
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Re: VESC v4.10 and battery cable length

Rfvito, that is not true. I have a 4700 uF capacitor. When I accelerate the current spikes to 20A or something like that. Reworking the capacitor formula, i = C dU / dt into dt = C dU / I, we can calculate that it takes 0.2 miliseconds for 20A to cause a 1V drop across the capacitor. The current spi...
by rew
25 Mar 2016, 14:14
Forum: For sale, orders, etc.
Topic: VESC-based board(s) for sale....
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VESC-based board(s) for sale....

I'm building a VESC-based ESC. VESC is split into three separate modules. For each module there currently are two choices. Modules: CPU : * STM32F405 * STM32F072 (not VESC software compatible) * adapter module for TI launchpad (not VESC software compatible) FET driver and current sense amplification...

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