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by rew
26 Apr 2016, 16:44
Forum: Related Hardware
Topic: Solder paste for SMD hot air soldering
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Re: Solder paste for SMD hot air soldering

Sure.... But you asked for MY favorite stuff. :-) I run my own company. I can't afford to be found putting lead in my products. So I have to buy the lead-free stuff. I have no choice. I don't like soldering things onto PCBs with hot air. I always end up blowing components away. The exception is the ...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 09:00
Forum: General
Topic: Brushless motors mounting dimensions/datasheet
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Re: Brushless motors mounting dimensions/datasheet

At hobbyking they specify something like "hole distance: 38mm". That's about as much as you're going to get. You have to look at the pictures to see that they are in a square pattern, and then you have to guess if it is the side of the square that's 38 or the diagonal...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:59
Forum: For sale, orders, etc.
Topic: VESC-based board(s) for sale....
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Re: VESC-based board(s) for sale....

I'm still working on them. But I have a motor with a prop on it and it runs fine at 700W. To go up to higher power levels, I need to mount a smaller prop and have it spin faster. And connect more batteries. I think it will handle the normal VESC power levels just fine. I eventually want to expand th...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:48
Forum: General
Topic: Prototype with discovery board
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Re: Prototype with discovery board

I'm not using a drv8302, do I have to disable it's fault detection function for the rest of the controller to work? No. I haven't and it works. I think the DRV has open collector output pins, and the STM will enable the pullup to get a defined input state. I still have a set of modules reserved for...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:36
Forum: General
Topic: Sensored motor - detection
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Re: Sensored motor - detection

IMHO It is unlikely that changing the hall sensors is going to be of any help. On the other hand, I've seen hall sensors break if you connect them wrong. Put 5V on the output and maybe a "load" on their 5V supply line and they break. So if you might have done that, maybe you need to change...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:33
Forum: General
Topic: "USB Device Disabled" when connecting usb to vesc
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Re: "USB Device Disabled" when connecting usb to vesc

That is not an "issue". VESC is designed to have a separate power supply from the PC that it communicates with. On my hardware I have a jumper. This allows me to power up the CPU part of the board without having the power-side connected and powered. On my desk, was a VESC-based-project whe...
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:26
Forum: General
Topic: Powering VESC on PSU?
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Re: Powering VESC on PSU?

I run "new hardware" on the lab powersupply. I start out with a current limit of about 0.5A and increase that to 3A once I know I'm not creating shorts anymore. At 3A you can already do motor detection. So that 75A is WAY plenty.... :-) (You could consider a 5A fuse).
by rew
26 Apr 2016, 08:22
Forum: General
Topic: uVESC - Slim design - Multicopter Edition
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Re: uVESC - Slim design - Multicopter Edition

Benjamin: In quadcopters the controller will notice an imbalance and want to correct that as fast as possible. Using current control is not appropriate, because you increase the torque somewhat, that will cause the prop to spin a bit faster, this in turn increases the effective dutycycle and therefo...
by rew
24 Apr 2016, 07:04
Forum: General
Topic: Series / parallel selector
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Re: Series / parallel selector

I would consider multiplying the gate resistors by one to 10 thousand. The "pulldown" through the diode happens through a 10k resistor divider, correct? So the pullup should happen significantly slower. Adding 100 ohms to the outpuit of a 10k resitor divider is not likely to do anything. I...

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