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by zhivko
05 Jan 2018, 14:53
Forum: Hardware Problems
Topic: mosfet caps missing?
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mosfet caps missing?

Hi VESC community, are capacitors on mosfets between +60V and GND intentionally let out? I copied this layout example frmo DRV8302 datasheet: vesc_cap_missing.png Another question I have is: where on pcb is this point where signal GND and power GND is connected? Can somebody explain? vedder_question...
by zhivko
02 Jan 2018, 22:50
Forum: Hardware Problems
Topic: DRV fault code on FOC detection
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Re: DRV fault code on FOC detection

I would be really great to get those answers - I agree with dpetrillo: -R36 is not logically connected. If it is why its not same for phase_3? vesc_question.png - Also question for caps and 60V is in place - can we get answer for this? Is it meant that we beef up caps if we use more than 60V ? regards

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